The Danish define
enough as “nok”.

Which is precisely
what nok is.

No more.

says hello.

The seemingly, impossibly, small
wallet nok.

*actual size


  • 1. Super lightweight.

  • 2. Water-proof.

  • 3. No weak material.

  • 4. Affordable.

  • 5. 5.8 x 9 x 0.5cm

We design and build with a focus on products that serve one function.

With nok we set out to make a wallet that carries ONLY what you need. With room for up to 3 cards and 1 ID, it only weighs 1 gram.

Plus, a pocket for cash.

nok is the result of a deliberate & relentless pursuit of pure functionality.

We are AddSubtract +/-.

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